Why Salary Package?

Salary packaging is an Australian Tax Office approved way of restructuring your income. It enables you to buy a range of everyday items out of your pre-tax salary rather than your after-tax salary - leaving more money in your back pocket.

By effectively salary packaging, you can increase your take home salary by thousands of dollars each year. Just take a look at the benefits:

Not Packaging
Gross Salary $2,640.00
PAYG Tax $574.00
Take Home Pay $2,066.00
By salary packaging you can increase your disposable income by $150.00 per fortnight or $3,900.00 per year. That's a significant difference!
Gross Salary $2,640.00
Salary Package $446.00
New Gross Salary $2,194.00
PAYG Tax $420.00
Take Home Pay $1,774.00
Tax Benefit - Salary Pacakging Amount +$446
Disposable Income $2,220.00
Example calculation has been based on fortnight deduction $346.00 Threshold and $100 Entertainment Benefits.

How much can I salary package?


Full-time and part-time employees can salary package their regular base salary. Casuaul employees can salary package up to 80% of their income. Prior to starting salary packaging, we encourage all employees to seek independent financial advice - it is an employees' responsibility to do this.

How much does it cost?

There are costs involved in Eastern Health administering all your salary packaging arrangements.  The amount will depend on the benefit packaged and it is paid from your pre-tax salary. 

For more information on these costs, refer to Eastern Health’s Salary Packaging Employee Information Guide or contact us on 1300 361 669.

How does Salary Packaging effect my HELP Debt, Centrelink etc.?

To find out how Salary Packaging could effect your HELP Debt, Centrelink and Child Support payments, click below.

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As an Eastern Health employee you can salary package a variety of expenses from your pre-tax salary!

$9,000 in Tax-Free Expenses:

Plus, you can salary package another $2650 in Entertainment Benefits

  • plus

    Entertainment Benefit

    Enjoy your tax-free cap when dining out with friends or family or use it to claim your annual holiday expeneces when travelling in Australia or overseas.

  • plus

    Entertainment Benefit VISA Card

    You can pay for Dining out, taxi charges and your holiday expenses.

  • plus

    Novated Leasing

    • Make tax savings and discounts on your car and related running expenses
    • Bundle finance and running costs into one easy payment on payday
    • Lease a new or used car
    • Choose the lease term that suits your budget, from one to five years

You can also salary package other benefits over the capped limits, including:

  • plus


    Pay less tax when you salary sacrifice additional superannuation as you save for retirement.

  • plus

    Portable Devices

    You may be able to salary package a portable computer such as a laptop, notebook, tablet or PDA potentially saving you hundreds.

  • plus

    Work-Related Expenses

    Salary Package your work-related expenses such as trade subscriptions, membership fees and your EH Uniform.

  • plus

    Professional Development

    Want to undertake further learning? You may be able to claim your professional development expenses.

  • plus

    Airline Lounge Membership

    Whether you travel for work or personal, you can salary package your airline lounge membership.