Eastern Health employees can salary package work-related expenses such as trade subscriptions, membership fees and Eastern Health Uniform expenses.


Trade Subscriptions & Membership Fees

  • The membership or subscription must be related to your employment.
  • You can’t claim income tax deductions on salary packaged items.
  • You can’t package any membership or subscription that has been paid by your employer


Eastern Health Uniform Expenses

Eastern Health employees’ may elect to include the cost of purchasing Eastern Health’s non-compulsory work uniform which has been registered and approved by the Secretary of the Commonwealth Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research in accordance with the approved Occupation Clothing Guidelines 2006.


To be eligible to claim reimbursement of your uniform purchase

To see the full uniform range, visit the Eastern Health Intranet – Staff Life – EH Uniforms.

  • The work uniform must be worn by you as an entirety or set, rather than individual pieces.  The constant wearing of occupational clothing items in conjunction with conventional clothing may lead to the conclusion that the clothing is simply a collection of ordinary conventional clothing and not eligible to be salary packaged.
  • Claimed non-compulsory uniform invoices must be in excess of $100 and paid invoices will only be accepted through Eastern Health’s uniform supplier Lee St John Corporate Fashions (LSJ).
  • Accessories such as Shoes, Socks and Stockings are not allowable benefits and will not be reimbursed.


Eastern Health threshold card must not have been used to purchase the uniform.